The school is composed of the departments of Law, Journalism and Mass Communication and Public Policy and Administration. In the 10 years since the school founding, GAPP has carved a name for itself in Egypt and the region. Forming alliances with international universities, its programs gaining unprecedented international accreditations and ranking globally and in the region. Expanding the horizons for students and professionals alike, GAPP has broken much ground in its first decade.

Radio Broadcasting

Journalism and Mass Communication

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has gained distinction and recognition by producing outstanding graduates who play a major role in developing the region’s print, advertising and broadcast media. It immerses its students in the industry to become perfectly in tune with the challenges and expectations they are to face. Many of the department’s alumni have gone on to fill positions in prestigious news outlets such as CNN, AP, DW, Reuters, The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, NBC and Reuters. 

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students during their graduation ceremony

Public Policy and Administration

The Department of Public Policy and Administration since 2013 has accelerated its growth and development, with the student count growing from 102 in 2009 to 159 in 2013. All of our faculty members hold doctoral degrees from leading universities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Egypt.

PPAD is also deeply committed to research and service to the community. Through grants such as the Gates Grant, Ford Foundation, the Swiss National Science Foundation and Maghrabi Foundation, the department has been able to build collaborations with the Social Research Center in order to expand research activities including student and faculty exchange programs with Long Island University and University of Palermo.

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The school’s Department of Law offers a wide range of courses designed to provide students with the intellectual and analytical tools to intervene critically and effectively, from a global south perspective, in the policy debates around the challenges confronting their societies. The Department offers two graduate degrees: an LL.M. in International and Comparative Law, and an MA in International Human Rights Law. These degrees attract a diverse constituency of Egyptian and International students interested in pursuing careers in academia, international civil service, human rights and development work, or in the legal profession as lawyers, judges or prosecutors. 

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